Visitor restrictions - 50+ jobseeker challenges - Frontline nurses
Visitor restrictions - 50+ jobseeker challenges - Frontline nurses
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Potentially looming for the older worker as a result of the pandemic’s economic downturn: greater threat of long-term unemployment, age discrimination getting in the way of getting back to work, and more work years needed to recover financially when fewer are available.
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Understanding the full extent of COVID-19’s impact on Native Americans has been elusive, thanks to a dearth of data detailing race and ethnicity with respect to the virus. But the preliminary data we do have reveal trends that are startling.
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As health systems work to balance infection risk with person-centered care, now is the time for them to step back and reflect, designing long-term operational processes for delivering quality care under new circumstances. Some systems, in fact, are adjusting swiftly, with novel approaches and even a "third way."
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Older adults’ volunteer efforts total $140 billion in economic contribution, and volunteers gain important benefits in return. The pandemic, meanwhile, is its own nationwide all-call for pitching in. That means safe volunteer opportunities are key.  
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How has the pandemic affected nurses on the front lines? How have nurses responded? What has the pandemic revealed about nursing’s preparation? These are questions the National Academy of Medicine is likely asking as it expands its focus on its second future of nursing report, now to include the COVID-19 pandemic.
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