Hospital Bill Disparities - COVID-forced Retirement - Paid Family Caregivers
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About 5 million older adults with traditional Medicare could end up with a significant hospital bill if they get treatment for COVID-19. Older Black and Hispanic adults—already hit disproportionately hard by the pandemic—are more likely to face those costs. 
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May's job numbers suggest many older workers displaced by COVID-19 job loss have dropped out of the labor market entirely. This may indicate a rise in earlier-than-planned retirements—which have their own set of consequences, both for the individual and the labor market.
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On AARP’s Take on Today podcast, Catherine Alicia Georges, outgoing national volunteer president of AARP’s Board of Directors, discusses health disparities and racial injustice—how they're related, why African Americans are disproportionately affected, and how communities can help. 
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Home health and personal care aides entering a client’s home can put vulnerable individuals at increased risk of COVID-19 transmission. One solution can help, not only by reducing the number of people entering an older adult’s home, but providing income for family members who may have lost work.  
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The pandemic has made older adults vulnerable not just to COVID-19; it has put them in harm’s way for financial exploitation. In response, AARP launched an upgrade to its BankSafe online training platform for financial institution employees.
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